Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who do I contact for Utilities?

  • Electric: Ameren (800) 552-7583
  • Cable: Cable America (573) 897-4994
  • Internet: Radio Wire (573) 659-7950
  • Phone: At&T (800) 464-7928

Is the apartment furnished?

No, however, we do provide a stove and refrigerator.

Is there a microwave oven?

No, you must bring your own.

Will Landlord make repairs in my apartment?

We are glad to repair any water leaks, AC/Heat, water heater, stove, refrigerator, and provide batteries to smoke alarms. However we do not replace light bulbs or fix clogged drains.

Are Pets Allowed?

Dogs are never allowed. Other pets require written permission from landlord and a $75 non-refundable pet deposit per pet.

Can I hang things on the wall?

Yes, but only with push pins or thumb tacks. No sticky or adhesive may be used as they damage the walls when removed.

Must I park in my assigned space?

Yes, Your car could be towed if in the wrong space.

May I hang curtains?

Yes, but hardware must remain for next lessee.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, provided they follow rules as well as park in visitor parking. No overnight guests are allowed.

May I have a barbecue grill?

Yes, but it must be labeled with name and apartment number. Must be in working order, clean and used in a safe manner at an adequate distance from building.

Can I have a motorcycle?

Yes, but it must be parked in your assigned parking spot. Motorcycle parked in building will be removed and placed in dumpster.

Can I have a bicycle?

Yes, but it may not be parked in building other than in your apartment.

Can I leave personal property in public areas or hallways?

No, other than barbecue grill, all other items must be in your vehicle or apartment. Any item left in public area will be placed in dumpster.

What do I do with my trash?

There are two large dumpsters on complex that are emptied on Mondays. Please put all trash into either one.

Do you find people roommates or put people together?

Tenants must find there own roommate.The school does however have a list of people looking for roommates.


How bad is traffic in the morning?

Not too bad when heading west to class from Fairground apartments, however with most of students and faculty coming from the Linn side of campus to State Tech as well as the Linn R2 school district east bound traffic can be a nightmare